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As dedicated caregiver I go beyond roles of regular care agencies, offering genuine companionship that extends beyond routine tasks. Whether engaging in conversation, sharing activities, or simply being present. My goal is to create a supportive and uplifting environment.

Personal Care

As skilled and compassionate caregiver I provide assistance with various personal care tasks, including bathing, grooming, and dressing, with the utmost sensitivity and respect. I prioritize creating a safe and comfortable environment where individuals can maintain their dignity while receiving the care they require.

Nutrition Support

Nutrition support, is a fundamental component of our commitment to holistic well-being. I understand that proper nutrition is integral to overall health, and my approach goes beyond the provision of meals to encompass personalized care that meets the unique dietary needs and preferences of each individual.


From my perspective housekeeping is an essential and holistic service aimed at creating a safe, comfortable, and uplifting living environment for individuals in my care. I can assist with a range of housekeeping tasks, including cleaning, washing, organizing, and maintaining a tidy living space. I recognize that a clean and organized home positively impacts mental and emotional health, contributing to a sense of security and comfort.

Overnight Stay

i understand that nighttime can bring unique challenges for individuals in need of care, and our approach to overnight stays goes beyond mere supervision to ensure a restful and secure experience. With compassion I offer a comforting presence throughout the night. This service is particularly beneficial for those requiring assistance with mobility, medication management, or any other nighttime-specific care needs.


Respite is vital and compassionate offering designed to provide temporary relief to primary caregivers. I understand that caregiving can be both physically and emotionally demanding, and our respite services aim to support and refresh those who dedicate themselves to the well-being of their loved ones. As a experienced and trusted caregiver I can step in to provide professional care, allowing you the opportunity to take a break, attend to personal needs, or simply recharge.

Enablement and Recovery

I well understand that the journey to enhanced mobility and independence involves not only skilled physiotherapy but also a commitment to enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential. I can assist with physiotherapy program working in tandem with professionals to support personalized plans that address specific physical challenges. Through targeted exercises, mobility training, and adaptive strategies, we aim to maximize an individual's functional abilities and promote an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Complex Care

We are able to meet the unique needs of individuals facing complex health challenges. We understand that these situations often require a multidimensional and highly skilled caregiving approach. As trained professional, I am equipped to address intricate medical conditions, cognitive challenges, and a range of complex care requirements. I go beyond traditional caregiving, working in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to deliver personalized and attentive care tailored to each individual's specific needs.

End of Life Care

I understand the sensitive and profound nature of this stage, and my commitment extends beyond physical care to encompass emotional, spiritual, and familial considerations. As specially trained professional I am able to work collaboratively with individuals, their families, and healthcare providers to ensure comfort, peace, and respect during this transition. I prioritize creating a supportive environment that honors the individual's wishes, fosters open communication, and provides comfort through pain management and emotional companionship.

The best of two worlds

Myself and my micro team offering best of two worlds – wide range of services and flexibility as well as truly personalised care package.  You will get an:

  • One-on-one attention, allowing for a more personalized and tailored approach to the individual’s needs.
  • More flexibility in terms of scheduling.
  • More cost-effective option compared to agency service. 
  • Direct communication
  • More consistent caregiving from the same individual.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the client’s cultural preferences, lifestyle, and specific care requirements.
  • More control
  • Lower staff turnover

One-on-one Attention

This can result in a closer and more meaningful caregiver-client relationship.


Cost-Effective Option

 There are no intermediary agency fees involved. Carers receive most of the fees.  



The continuity fosters a sense of familiarity and comfort, especially for those who benefit from routine and stability.


Want to make booking or have a question?

Call me at 0791 945 5554  or simply book an appointment

My Experience, Qualifications and Certificates

Fifteen Years of Joined Professional Experience

Myself and my Micro Team are proud of our achievements and qualifications. 


Care Certificate

Health Certificate that includes: 

  • Mental Capacity Act 2005 and LPS,
  •  Data Protection Act, 
  • Safeguarding Adults and PREVENT awareness, 
  • Basic Life Support, and First Aid with diabetes awareness, 
  • Medication Management 
  • Infection Control, Sepsis and Food Safety, 
  • Data Security
  • Moving and Positioning, 
  • Health & Safety and Fire Awareness 

Enhance DBS and Safety

For your piece of mind we are all signed for the Enhanced Update Service and can provide up to date DBS certificates.  

On top of that for each patient I draft personalised care plan including risk assessment.


Additional Training

1. Level 2 of Dementia Awareness 

2. Level 2 of End-of-the-life 

3. Moving and handling certificate 

4. Medication Administration 

5. Stroke recovery training 

6. Non invasive ventilation

7. Nutrition support for elderly 


Proven tract record

I can offer real references and reviews. This is address only to potential clients who are ready to sign the contract. 

Simon and his team are the best, me and my husband experienced since we required care. His kindness, knowledge and attention to details changed our perception of care professionals. I just wish we could meet him earlier.
Jannet M
Kingston Upon Thames
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